Friday, December 19, 2008

Receive His Love

"The ultimate expression of following Christ is to receive His love, whether from Himself or from those who serve him, to be lifted and blessed by it and then to be for others what He has been for us...."

—Stephen E. Robinson, Following Christ-

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  1. Love your c-mas music. I'm house bound so it's great to find other sisters out there.
    It's cool to be a Mormon stay-at-home mom. I have plenty of warm memories to keep me company. All my kids live away. Twin dau's live in N.C. My son and dau. live in the Ft. Worth area.
    I asked my kids what they remembered about C-mas. Not one of them mentioned any presents. They all mentioned time spent w/family. Some famuily tradtions were mentioned.
    Money might be tighter staying home. Stuff doesn't buy happiness.Merry Christmas,glograbear


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