Monday, February 27, 2012

Family Isn't Always About Blood

Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile & who love you no matter what.

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  1. As an adopted child....I use child loosely cause I am 61 years old....let me share my story of how my parents explained adoption to soon as I could hear...
    My mother explained that God's plan had always been for me to be her child....when He had someone else give birth to me it was His way of getting me to her ( or them but my mother was teaching me this so I am speaking in singular
    person )& that I was chosen for her by God.....I was you know.... My richest blessing was having Godly parents who loved the Lord.
    My mother's truth has come full circle....3 years ago just by chance...although I do not of course believe in chance...I met my birth mother. This was not anything I ever felt a need to do but it happened. The sad part is I never shared this with my mother because I would not have ever done anything to hurt her but the glad part is....thru tear my birth mother explained how she had loved me all of my life and how giving me up had broken her heart....but that she knew God had lead her to do the best for me ....well my mother was right God had used her to get me to my parents....and I was also blessed because my birth mother is an amazing women.....
    My mother died in Jan. at one will ever fill the void that her death has left in my life....but again I am blessed because God promises we will see each other in heaven as we praise Him forever.....Adoption is a wonderful
    thing and I embrace it with all my heart
    Katherine Schantz

    1. What an inspiring story. Bless your heart.

  2. I have had the "your not blood" said to me MANY times since marrying my husband, it is soooo good to see that others KNOW that is not true. I truly think those that have said it "know" it too . . . now for me to forgive them. I'm WORKING on it . . .

  3. Love this


    Thank you for this wonderful quote :)

  4. Wishing this held true for friends who say they will always stand by you, but when they don't agree with your decisions they start bashing you and your family. I repin this quote with pride in my decision. I have worked hard to be where I am at with my personal decisions


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