Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Tell All - Help Wanted?

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If you had oodles of money, and could afford to hire help for one area of your life, would you hire a gardener, cleaner, cook, personal trainer, or some other profession?

For me it would for sure be a gardener, I would love a really pretty garden, with terrific grass, loads of flowers, and fruits and vegetables a plenty, but I'm way too lazy (and frankly don't have the time with 3 little ones to keep me happily distracted) to do it. One day.......


  1. I would hire a cook because I do not like cooking. My husband is a great cook but wants only meat and potatoes. I prefer vegetables and lighter foods. So a cook could work out things for both of us. :)

  2. I think I would hire someone to clean, because that would free up so much time for me to actually do the other things that I actually enjoy doing!

  3. Good question. I would hire someone to do all the things that my husband would to do and get done but can't, Maybe an all around handyman. It would bless my husband and that would bless me.


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