Friday, February 24, 2012

Freebie Friday - Little Kid Ideas

 These are a couple of ideas I've done first, and then I'll some I want to do.
This is super easy. I just used one of our under the bed storage tubs, went to home depot and bought some play sand, and voila you have sand box. Our tub also came with a lid, which is great incase you suddenly get some rain or your sprinklers come on, as you can keep the sand dry, and protected from any neighborhood cats! Also, if you have  more than one child, it could be fun to have individual ones for the kiddies, with their own toys/set up in.

I had seen this idea done at weddings etc., but I decided to do one on my sons blessing day. When we came back to the house afterwards, our family and friends signed it, and I think it's a lovely keepsake of the day. My youngest was blessed a couple of weeks ago and we did it for her as well - and I scored big time as they had the mats at the Dollar store, 2 for $1! This would also be great for special birthdays, like 8, 12, 16, 18, missionary farewells etc.

So I saw this book sling in a magazine and decided to give it a whirl. Mine is slightly different as I put on pockets on the front, for my son's little treasures, added ties to the side and sewed it rather than using HeatnBond, but it was really easy (and I don't have a clue what I'm doing most of the time!) and it was cheap (under $15 for all the materials). It took under 2 hours. Click HERE for the full instructions.

I made these little tutu's when my eldest daughter was born. I'd seen them online for upwards of $20, but after some research found out that they were really, and I mean REALLY, easy to make. Each tutu ended up costing about $2 each. You can find the tutorial I followed by clicking HERE

Free Printable Chore Charts
Click HERE

Calm Down Jar
Calm Down Jar. It is really easy to make. The goal is that when they are feeling out of control, they shake the jar, then sit and watch the glitter settle in the water. When the glitter settles, they can get up. This one is a really great technique to use in lieu of timeout. Click HERE

Snow Day Activity
Click HERE

Capturing Little Kids Handprint
Love this idea. Click HERE

Cute Things They Say Memory Jar
write down all the cute/funny things your children say and save them in a jar (you could label the jars by the years). awesome. what a gift when they're older!
Click HERE


  1. Thank you so much for the ideas. We needed the hand print idea...inking didn't work so well.

    1. Oh I know, trying to get those little inked fingers to co-operate and stay still is near to impossible! Thanks for stopping by:)


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