Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Acorns of Love

"Remembering that God does not measure time by man's calendar, that he is not in a hurry, we'll abide his time with assurance that eventually right will prevail. We'll plant acorns of love and watch the slow-growing oaks until time shall prove again that the law of the harvest is inexorable."
—Hugh B. Brown, Eternal Quest

I love this quote because it provides so much reassurance that nothing positive, or God-given, is wasted, everything is gathered, and everything is harvested, we just need to keep planting, especially those 'acorns of love'.

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  1. Sarah,
    I, too, love that quote. We just talked about that in Relief Society Sunday..."No act of love is ever wasted." I totally believe that. Hey, I am looking for a quote from President Hinkley. It is my favorite from him about enjoying the journey. He uses a train as an analogy. DO you know that one or how I can find it? Thanks and have a glorious day! Shan


Hope you have a brilliant day!!

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