Monday, December 14, 2009

Humbug: A Christmas Carol

My brother-in-law Lee, has written a really cute children's Christmas book and was on TV promoting it this morning. You can see the clip by clicking here.

'Humbug: A Christmas Carol' is the story of Winterton, a frozen town with frozen hearts and frozen people. A magical humbug that attracts the magical reindeer of Santa is brought to the town of Winterton by a little orphan girl called Mimi. The warmth of the little girl and the magical music of the humbug bring Santa, the reindeer and Christmas back to Winterton.

The illustrations are great too as they start off without color, but as the peoples hearts unfreeze they become more and more colorful. Ebenezer Scrooge even wrote the Forward to it:).

You can visit the website to order and see previews of it, and if you use code 'UYV" you get a 5% discount and $1 will be given to the Utah Youth Village. Check it out!

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