Thursday, January 30, 2014

Free Valentine Straw Chalkboard Tags & Love Hearts StrawFlags/Cupcake Toppers

In celebration of LOVE, here are a couple of free printables for you:)

{The Chalkboard Tags} - A massive variety of cute straws can be purchased from my store here:
These are the perfect width to attach to the bottom of a pack of straws, or can be punched and tied with some cute twine (available in my Etsy shop) around however many straws you like. Contains message “You Are Ex-STRAW-dinary, Happy Valentines Day!”. The printable is sized 8.5x11 and contains 13 tags on each sheet that just need to be cut out. I recommend card stock for printing these.

{Love Hearts Straw Flags/Cupcake Toppers)
Inspired by the love hearts candy these little flags are a cute addition to your straws with fun messages like: “Be Mine”, “I Like You”, “ You Rock”, “Love You”, “Call Me”, “For Ever”, “Smile”, and “Love Bug”. Each 8.5x11 printable contains 34 Straw Flags.
Instructions for making Straw Flags/Cupcake Toppers
  • Print the sheet on your paper of choice. (I used a 67lb card stock, but regular 20lb paper would work too) 
  • Cut the paper along the light grey lines, this will result in 34 individual flags 
  • Stick some ‘permanent’ double-sided tape on the back of the flags about two thirds of the way down, (so, one third of the back of the flag will have tape on and two thirds will not) ~ make sure the tape goes all the way to the edges this will keep the sides together giving it a professional look. 
  • Get your straw and wrap the flag around it with the love hearts on the outside, lining up the two ends together, then press the two sides of the flag together. ** These will also work as cupcake toppers and you would substitute a straw for a toothpick and put double-sided tape on half of the back instead. ** 
  • To finish your flag you can cut a triangle shape at the end or cut on a slant.

*** for personal use only***

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