Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spiritual Manifestations - Part 1

So I was re-reading some old things I had written down and found three quotes I had put together that had helped me to learn about the kind of manifestations Hevanely Father typically gives. It's rather long so I'm going to split them up into two posts. Here's quote one:


President David O. McKay always imagined that he would get his testimony of the gospel ‘out in the groves or on the hills’. One day he was riding over the hills on his horse, and it seemed to be the perfect setting for this spiritual manifestation. He said he got off his horse and ‘knelt by the side of a tree. The air was clear and pure, the sunshine delightful; the growing verdure and flowers scented the air….’ – sounds perfect huh? – He continues: “I knelt down and with all the fervour of my heart poured out heart to God and asked him for a testimony of this gospel. I had in mind that there would be some manifestation; that I should receive some transformation that would leave me absolutely without doubt."

“I got up, mounted my horse, and as he started over the trail, I remember rather introspectively searching myself and involuntarily shaking my head, saying to myself, ‘No, sir, there is no change; I am just the same boy I was before I knelt down.’ The anticipated manifestation had not come.”

Even though he did not immediately receive the manifestation he expected, President McKay continued to seek a personal witness. He later related that “the spiritual manifestation for which I had prayed as a boy in my teens came as a natural consequence to the performance of duty.”
(Teachings of the President of the Church – David O. McKay, p.166)

Quote 2 tomorrow.....

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