Monday, September 20, 2010

The Power of Faith

President Marion G. Romney, a long-time counselor to Church presidents and a former President of the Quorum of the Twelve, said, "Blessed is he who, based on a knowledge
of the gospel has unshakable faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Such a one has for his goal the attainment of eternal life. He has an anchor to his soul and a motive for action." (The Power of Faith, Deseret Book Co., 1983, p. 10)

President Romney then detailed four attributes of people who radiate such faith:

First, the possessors of such faith have a sound understanding of the purpose of life. They know that God lives, know that they are His children and that as such are endowed with the potential eventually to rise to the full status of their Heavenly Father.

Second, the possessors of such faith have a sure test by which to distinguish truth from error. They know that they live in a day of great conflict between good and evil, but they are strengthened by the knowledge that God, their Heavenly Father, has not abandoned them in the struggle, but has put within their reach the knowledge and wisdom upon which they can correctly distinguish good from evil.

Third, the possessors of such faith are fortified in their courage to resist temptation and live true to their conviction, like Joseph in Egypt.

Finally, the possessors of a well-informed faith enjoy peace of mind in the days of trial. There is no greater blessing than to be able to weather the trials with full knowledge that the Lord is with us in our times of need. (Summaries from The Power of Faith, pp. 10-14.)

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  1. WE are having a couple of difficulties in the lives of a couple of our adult children. I am so grateful for faith. They too have great faith and that is what helps us get through the tough moments of life.
    Thanks for sharing these thought today. Hugs to you! LeAnn


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