Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Tell All - Christmas Shopping

What kind of Christmas Shopper are you? Are you last minute? Do you do most it at online, or at one store? Do you enjoy it or is it a necessary evil?

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  1. this has been a heavy topic among my friends and family lately... I am a "spread it among the paychecks" kind of a shopper and try to put as little as possible on credit. I am all for the "black Friday" shopping and savings, but only to the extent of it NOT pouring over into the Thanksgiving Day festivities. I find it heinous that Corporations are asking their employees to sacrifice their family time and go into their stores to make them a few more bucks. I HAVE NEVER AND WILL NEVER SUPPORT THAT!!! Before somebody starts going off on me about how your police officer husband or nurse wife has to work, remember this... they get Holiday Pay and they KNEW what their job was going to entail prior to choosing that career. I am a veteran and have worked MORE than my fair share of Holidays, but these young college students, high school students and mother's and father's trying to earn a few more bucks, shouldn't have to be making such sacrifices because of others inabilities to fill their time.


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