Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday Tell All - Post Christmas

How was your Christmas? Do you have a favorite memory from it? Is there anything you would change for next year? When do you take your decorations down?


  1. We had a great Christmas! Can't wait til next year which is weird cause normally around this time I'm glad it's all over.

    We don't take out decorations down until the 6th of January. Even though we're LDS, we practice and celebrate a lot of our heritage, which include Irish holidays. It's considered very bad luck to take the decorations down until the Epiphany or Little Christmas, which takes place on the 6th.

  2. Favorite Christmas memory from this year is my step-son's solo in sacrament mtng. He sings with BYU's men's chorus, so I knew he was talented, but hearing him singing his solo on Christmas morning just brought the entire spirit of Christmas into my heart!
    ~middle child mom


Hope you have a brilliant day!!

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