Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thanking People

Gordon B Hinckley:
"In large measure, we get what we ask for. The problem is that so many of us fail to ask and, more frequently, fail to express gratitude for that which is good”.
(“In Opposition to Evil”, Gordon B Hinckley, Ensign Sept. 2004)

“As long as our hearts pump,” Elder Maxwell said, “some of the time they should pulsate because we’re reaching out to others. And as long as there is breath in our lungs, some of that breath should be used to bestow on others deserved commendation and needed encouragement”
(“Neal Ash Maxwell: A Promise Fulfilled”, Ensign Sept. 2004).

There is a lot of good in the world, but sometimes we forget to express to those who are promoting that how thankful we are for them making this world a better, brighter place. We can stand for ‘truth and righteousness’ not only by making our voices heard against things that are wrong, but also by positively encouraging those things which are wonderful.

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