Saturday, January 28, 2012

Divine Gift of Repentance

I'm teaching this lesson tomorrow in RS, and created this handout, it's a 4x6, and have created a free download of it incase it's useful to anyone out there. Click HERE to download (for current free 4x6 deals I know of, click HERE).

“Only repentance leads to the sunlit uplands of a better life... Repentance is a divine gift, and there should be a smile on our faces when we speak of it. It points us to freedom, confidence, and peace. Rather than interrupting the celebration, the gift of repentance is the cause for true celebration.”
 (D. Todd Christofferson, ‘Divine Gift of Repentance’, Ensign, Nov 2011)

5 Aspects of Repentance
1. The invitation to repent is an expression of love.
2. Repentance means striving to change.
3. Repentance means committing to obedience.
4. Repentence requires a willingness to persevere, even through pain.
5. Whatever the cost, repentence is swallowed up in the joy of forgiveness.

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  1. Repentance in the New Testament is usually the Greek word 'metanoia' which means to "change your mind, attitude, thoughts and behavior concerning the demands of God for right living." basically to wake-up and see how God sees and change your mind to stop living your way and (starting with your thoughts/mind) desire to live God's way.


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