Monday, March 5, 2012

Buy Beautifully Handcrafted Products at

I'd like to introduce a great website, Latter-day Crafters who are now a sponsor of this blog (and you can now buy some of the quotes I post on here through them also). They say:

"It is our goal at Latter-day Crafters to provide a beautiful and comfortable marketing environment where crafters may list and sell their products at a very affordable rate. At Latter-day Crafters we know that there are numerous artisans and crafters who have produced beautiful work but don't have the time and or energy to market their products."

So whether you are a crafter looking for a venue to sell your beautifully handcrafted items, or someone who would like to buy an item that is handmade, you should head on over and check out their site. New items are being added daily.

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