Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Being Strung Up

William M. Allred, one of Joseph Smith's followers, stated that some straight-laced people had problems with the Prophet Joseph playing ball with the boys. Said Allred, referring to the Prophet:

“He then related a story of a certain prophet who was sitting under the shade of a tree amusing himself in some way, when a hunter came along with his bow and arrow, and reproved him. The prophet asked him if he kept his bow strung up all the time. The hunter answered that he did not. The prophet asked why, and he said it would lose its elasticity if he did. The prophet said it was just so with his mind, he did not want it strung up all the time.”
(Juvenile Instructor,1 Aug. 1892, p. 472.)

Take time to relax today:)


  1. I like this post. Sometimes it is hard for me to relax - i feel like i need to be doing something always. I forget how important it is to "recharge"...


  2. First, thanks for the comment on my blog. They make my day!!!

    Now to comment on your post - It seems that I find time to relax my body physically but I often forget to let my mind take a is often strung up and it can be exhausting.

    Thanks so much for this post. Sometimes I need to let my mind be more at ease and calm and relaxed. I can be so hard on myself in my little head.

  3. Thanks so much for visiting me and for linking to me. Likewise, I'll be back to visit you! I got a kick out of the new Mormon Ads, thanks for posting them.


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