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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Try Again

Another thought by Neal A. Maxwell:

"Often we tally our failures with great precision and self-depreciating fanfare while failing to inwardly records our successes. For instance, after a disappointing personal act of expressing our ego we may exclaim inwardly, "I have done it again!" Clearly, even God's long-suffering cannot excuse us; nevertheless He still waits for us to move from recognition on through to remission. "His arm is extended to all people who will repent" (Alma 19:36). He thereby provides fresh "space" and encouragement "all the day long" (2 Nephi 28:32). He is ever encouraging us to regroup and try again. And there are no restrictive office hours for receiving returning prodigals - night and day He awaits us!."

Have a lovely day.
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  1. Elder Maxwell had such a way with words! What a wonderful quote. I actually posted a quote with the same theme on my blog the other day, but I already needed to hear it again!


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