Friday, February 20, 2009

A Little More Personal Than Usual - Fellowship of Those who Bear the Mark of Pain

Over the last week or so my family has had the opportunity to feel the love of those around us abundantly, due to an out-pouring of love following our second miscarriage and my father passing away yesterday. It has really been over-whelming at times to realise how many people care about our little family. We had gifts (usually sweet:) left on the doorstep everyday, many phonecalls, notes, emails and visits, and now with my dad passing the same again. Often the calls of support were from people who had been through similar experiences and could offer the gift of empathy to us. This is one of my favorite quotes, and since these 'trials' it has been on my mind:

“One of Dr. (Albert) Schweitzer’s most important concepts is that of the Fellowship of Those who Bear the Mark of Pain. … Who are its members? Those who have learned by experience what physical pain and bodily anguish mean. These people, all over the world, are united by a secret bond. He who has been delivered from pain must not think he is now … at liberty to continue his life and forget his sickness. He is a man whose eyes are opened. He now has a duty to help others in their battles with pain and anguish. He must help to bring to others the deliverance which he himself knows.“Under this Fellowship come not only those who were formerly sick, but those who are related to sufferers, and whom does this not include?”
(Thomas Dooley, “Worldwide Fellowship,” Words of Wisdom, ed. Thomas C.Jones, Chicago: J. B. Ferguson, 1966, p. 150.)

Trials stretch our hearts wider, and allow us to experience more of the Saviours love. Because of this, it is our duty and privilege to help others in their battles too. Heavenly Father rejoices when we share the burdens of others and when we help others to open their eyes to see how much they are loved by Him.

I am thankful to have been blessed with a little baby boy whose sole purpose in life seems to be to bring me joy, for a husband who made waiting the long 32 years to meet him worth it, and for a father who was a giant in meekness and compassion, who loved my angel mother and now is reunited with her in heaven, never to be parted again. Above all I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that helps you to see the silver lining to the trials in life and gives you the correct perspective that there really is a 'happily ever after' after all.


  1. this is the first time I have read your blog and I have been touched. What a beautiful post.

    I am so sorry about the loss of your father and baby.

  2. I'm sorry for your recent trials, but am glad that you have so many people who love you. Thank you so much for sharing that quote. I have never heard it before and will treasure it.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. I, too, have had some sad times in my life. My dad passed away New Year's Eve 2007 and this past Jan my last living grandma died.
    I'm glad people are there to help you out. HUGS!

  4. I am very sorry for your losses and amazed at your testimony and courage.


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