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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He sees our Successes!

"God not only forgives our failures; he sees successes where no one else does, not even ourselves. Only God can give us credit for angry words we did not speak; temptations we resisted, patience, and gentleness little noticed and long forgotten by those around us. Such good deeds are never wasted and not forgotten, because God gives them a measure of eternity."
-Rabbi Harold Kushner-
It is so easy to be self-critical and unfortunately, all too often, we have a perfect memory when it comes to our shortcomings and mistakes, even replaying them over over again in our minds. It is good to know that Heavenly Father has a perfect memory of our efforts to improve and the untold desires of our hearts too. Thank goodness He loves us perfectly and sees who we really are!
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  1. I found your blog through Mormon Moms Who Blog and I really appreciated that thought. It helps me to be a little less greedy for attention to remember that God sees and will reward the good things I have done. It helps me to choose the right even when doing so will be completely invisible to everyone else.

    I guess I like that quote because I'm so prideful. Hm. I'll have to work on that.


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