Friday, October 7, 2011

Freebie Friday - Fingerprint Tree & Cute Prints

Fingerprint Tree

This first one is one that I found on Pinterest. It's suggested to be done at a wedding reception where each of your guests leaves their fingerprint as a leaf on your tree. I've been married for over 5 years, so that wasn't going to work, so how I think I'm going to use it is I had them put our wedding date on there and names and I think once we have this next baby, which is our last one, I will have each of us have a different color and will put our finger prints as the leaves, so there will be five colors total. Another idea I will probably do, is to make one for my in-laws with all of their children and grandchildren putting on their fingerprints on as the leaves. Anyway, the kind people at StyleUnveiled will customize this print for you for free and email it to you for you to print out (I think it prints to 16x20), they emailed me the same day with mine:). Click HERE to go to the order page.

Cute Prints by Sprik Space

These others are from a website I came across called Sprik Space, she has a page of printables, available for you to download for FREE. They download to 5X7 in size, so perfect for a picture frame, and each is available in lots of different colors. Here are a few samples, or click HERE to all the ones she has.

So simple...and awesome

I'm thinking of putting this one up amongst my picture wall of family photo's

Love this quote!

Halloween labels

This is a printable (there are 4 in this series) of individual jokes to put in your child's lunch box, to give them a smile during the day:)

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