Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Tell All - Recipes

My mum passed away about 6 years ago and before that had Alzheimer's for about 7 years, so she was here, but not here at the same time, if you know what I mean. She was a fantastic cook and could whip something up out of nothing, one of my favorites was her ginger cake, mmmmm, it was so good! I never saw her use a recipe book at all, she just seemed to know what to do, and do it well. Whilst she was ill I wish I'd asked to write down some of these recipes for me, but it was too late by then, so even though my kids are little (3 yrs and 18 months), I have started to write out my favorite recipes so that they will always have them if they want them. So that brings me on to this weeks topic:
What is one of your favorite recipes?


  1. WOW - you have a magnificent blog!!! Now following :)

  2. I love to try new recipes, but I usually use a written one as a base. My favorite usually changes often! Ginger cake sounds yummy!


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