Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Love Her Mother, Elaine S. Dalton

"The greatest thing 
a father can do 
for his daughter 
is to love her mother."

This was from my another one of my favorite talks from General Conference, 'Love Her Mother' - not sure that's the official title, but that's what I'm calling it - by Elaine S. Dalton. As the mother of 1.75 girls (I have another girl coming next month) I made sure my husband gave his FULL ATTENTION to this talk, luckily he does a miraculous job at loving me already:). So to feed my latest obsession I whipped up a few printables of it for you......(if sharing please link back to this site, thanks;)

To download click HERE

To download click HERE

To download click HERE

To download click HERE
(I give credit to www.furrygraphics.com for the paper for this last image)


  1. I still think this is a "nice" idea, however, not all is as it should be in this world.

  2. Just a stickler for details - the quote is not Sister Dalton's. It is often quoted by leaders in the church but originated with Theodore Hesburgh.
    Excellent talk! I love it. :D


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