Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Up To You

“Only you know your circumstances, your energy level, the needs of your children, and the emotional demands of your other obligations. Be wise during intensive seasons of your life. Cherish your agency, and don’t give it away casually. Don’t compare yourself to others — nearly always this will make you despondent. Don’t accept somebody else’s interpretation of how you should be spending your time. Make the best decision you can and then evaluate it to see how it works.” 

~Chieko N. Okazaki, ‘Lighten Up’~


  1. Love your quotes!!
    Can I have these printed to 8x10 as in a photo?? like not from my printer but from costco, etc??

    1. Yes, feel free to print any of the ones that say 'spiritually speaking printable' in the labels section at the bottom of each post. Image sizes will vary from image to image though. This particular one is 5x7. The way to find out what other print's sizes are is to download to your computer and open it to check the size, alternatively when you upload it to somewhere like Costco it will give you a crop or resolution warning on the wrong sizes. You could also leave a comment on here and I'll look up the original for you:)


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