Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tell All - Your Birth

Tell us (and record) what you know about your birth. When and where were you born, how much did you weigh, what was your delivery like etc.


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    1. Haha, that'll teach me to do the post in the middle of the night:)

  2. I was born in small town Utah. I weighed 10 lbs and born around 1015 pm. My mom went toxic a month early my so I had to be taken by emergency c-section. My mom was not super thrilled and told the doctor she had things she needed to do, like find someone to take the other kids at home, arrange help for the next few day, make sure the chores on the farm were taken care of, etc. My mom had her priorities straight!!

    My dad had just left for Camp Williams and he had to rush back as soon as he got there. The doctor kept telling my mom she was carrying twins and he was surprised when only one of me came out. My mom and I went home two days later to a house full of older siblings anxiously awaiting a little sister!


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