Friday, April 13, 2012

Speed of Light

A big shout out to my brother-in-law Lee, he's an author and film producer. He wrote a book recently that has been getting great reviews, called 'Speed of Light'. Here's a snippet of the reviews: “If you enjoyed The Hunger Games, The DaVinci Code or Twilight, you will love Speed of Light by Lee Baker,” declared Judith Piazza of the American Perspective. Larry King calls Speed of Light, “A fast-paced, thrilling experience…a book you won’t want to put down,” then added, “Lee Baker makes a strong impact with his first novel and reveals himself as a master storyteller.”

He has created a book that is clean, that young and old enjoy and that parents can recommend to their children. For more details see his press release, and if you live in Utah he is doing some booking signings in some of the Costco's this and next week.

Check his press release out HERE:) 


  1. You say this is a "clean read". I am always looking for clean reads. One this book disturbing or violent like the Hunger Game series?

  2. Ooo, Always looking for a good read.

  3. Hi Lynn, This is Lee Baker, Author of Speed of light. Speed of Light is a suspense novel and I have been doing presentations at Junior High and High Schools and the children are loving it. It does have some intense scenes and several people do die in the book but it is not a fight to the death like "Hunger Games" but rather a character trying to stay alive as he is pursued. One of the reviews I received on the book came from a group called Library of Clean Reads and they judge books on all the things that would worry a mother when passing a book to their children (Review of adult, YA and children's books that are free of explicit sex, profanity, graphic violence and paranormal themes) and you can see that review here:

    I have five children and I wrote the book so that I would feel comfortable letting them read it. Hope that helps!


  4. Thank you Lee!! Your reply is just what I needed. That is awesome for you to take the time out of your busy schedule to let me know. And I thank you for that Link! That is great. All the best to you with your book. It sounds exciting and a good one. Can't wait to pick it up.

  5. I read this not to long ago, met the Author at Costco. It was a great book!!! Thanks Lee!!!

    And thank you for all the super cute printables, just found your blog via pinterest!


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